PCECA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: January 2014

Meeting Minutes

Date: January 9, 2014

Call to Order at: 7:07 PM

Pledge of allegiance was led by: Joe Spirelli

Roll Call:

All members in attendance announced their name and company

Treasurers Report:
• Balance in checking account as of January 9, 2014 was $9,263.60
Submitted by: Treasurer Tom Moccio

No Comments or Discussion


• Frank Farina of State Wide Inspection Services gave a presentation on “Electrical Services” with reference to the Con Edison requirements. The Con Edison inspectors will be enforcing the “Blue Book” requirements so make sure to pay close attention to the details.

• Pat Spirelli Jr. gave us another great presentation on some new equipment on the market in the world of technology. “ Sonos Systems” and “Smart Things” just to name a few. Pat will be back next month with some more information for our “Tech Talk” Segment.

• Geoff Dumas and James Walters of Federated Insurance spoke about the various types of products and services offered by their company. Among them are Estate Planning and Wills.

Old Business:

• President Joe Spirelli asked for volunteers to form a committee to look into the logistics of the issuing of our final inspection certificates. The association feels that since the electrical contractor hires an inspection agency and in turn pays for their service, that it should be the E.C. that has the final say in the release of the Certificate. Ed O’Dell of NYIES, Joe Covias, and Joe Covias Jr. of Baldwin Electric, volunteered to head up a committee to look into the situation.

Con Edison:

• The PCECA is trying to arrange to have a representative form Con Edison to come to one of our meetings and give us a presentation on the “Blue Book”. We are trying to schedule something for the May meeting.


• Starting in 2015, Westchester County will be requiring all licensed electricians to complete at least (4) C.E.U’s before they will be able to renew their license. The License Board is currently working on a list of accredited schools.

Special Events:

• Our joint Christmas party with the WCLECA turned out to be a success. Everyone had a good time and we will try to do it again next year. The association would like to give special thanks to the inspectors for their very generous donations.

Motion to adjourn by: Joe Spirelli
2nd by: Gene Mauriello
Meeting adjourned at: 9:22 PM