PCECA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes: February 2014

Meeting Minutes

Date: February 11, 2014

Call to Order at: 7:15 PM

Pledge of allegiance was led by: Joe Spirelli

Roll Call:

All members in attendance announced their name and company

Treasurers Report:
• Balance in checking account as of February 11, 2014 was $9,263.60
Submitted by: Treasurer Tom Moccio

No Comments or Discussion


• Frank Farina of State Wide Inspection Services gave us another segment of his code presentation on “Grounding and Bonding” including some information on the location of electrical panels in areas where pool chemicals are being stored. Frank will be back next month to continue with a new presentation for our code segment.

• Pat Spirelli Jr. gave us another great presentation on some new equipment and software. Pat showed us how to go to some of the suppliers web sites to get information on pricing, material quotes and setting up material lists. He also gave us some information on electronic storage and back-up for your company files.

Old Business:

• By-Law Change: Membership.
Licensed Member: $200.00 per year, right to vote
Non- Licensed Member: $200.00 per year, no right to vote
Members Employee: $125.00 per year, no right to vote
Membership includes: Free Christmas dinner
Free end –of –year dinner

Members in attendance voted to accept changes to the By-Laws

• The PCECA will be purchasing tickets for a table of ten for the “Habitat for Humanity” dinner.
The Organization will be among the Honorees at the event. Members were asked for volunteers to attend.

Con Edison

• Blue Book seminar is schedule for May 13, 2014
Members were asked to submit all questions ahead of time for the board to review and submit to the Con Edison Representative.


• Reminder to all members:
Starting in 2015, Westchester County will be requiring all licensed electricians to complete at least (4) C.E.U’s before they will be able to renew their license. The License Board is currently working on a list of accredited schools.

New Business:

• The Board will be arranging a date with Matt Worner, Attorney at law to have him come and speak at one of our meetings. The members were asked to submit any questions to the Board for review and submittal to Matt.

Motion to adjourn by: Joe Spirelli
2nd by: Gene Mauriello
Meeting adjourned at: 9:27 PM

Respectfully Submitted by:
Gene Mauriello, Secretary