President's Message

Presidents Message: February 2015

Hello All,

We had a decent turn out for the last meeting. It was a shame that the attendance was not up because the meeting was great and full of information. SWIS had two inspectors at the meeting with Freddy doing an hour of code regarding fixed electric space heating. He gave us all some info that most of us where not aware of. His presentation sparked into a great code discussion. (as it usually does) He chose fixed electric space heating due to the time of year. Joe Villani was also a great resource for code information thru out the meeting. His attendance and contributions are a big help during the meeting and are greatly appreciated. Mark Cowen (Greybar) and Michael Kessman (Cooper) where also in attendance. They are both contributors to the meeting will all kinds of product and pricing info. Pat Spirelli Jr. once again did a great presentation about the future of technology in our lives and more importantly our business. We also had Joe Baldanza who is Putnam County’s license/registration enforcement officer at the meeting. He spoke about busting unlicensed contractors all around Putnam County. If you see anyone doing any unlicensed work please reach out to him at ANY time. He can be reached at (845) 494-5923. We are trying to get Jean Noel who is the head of trades licensing in Putnam County to the next meeting. We sent her a list of items that we would like to talk about and are hoping she will be in attendance at the next meeting.

The next regular meeting will be at Four Brothers in Mahopac on 3-10-15 at 5:30 for board members and 7 pm sharp for the start of the meeting. We will be having another code discussion by Freddy from SWIS. He will be supplying a code pop quiz. As a group we will then review our results.

If you have not been to a Putnam meeting lately you are definitely missing a lot! We are looking forward to seeing some old and new faces at the next meeting, the more in attendance the more we all can learn!

Please call or reply with any questions.

Thank you,

Joe Spirelli
Spirelli Electric, Inc.
990 East Main Street
Shrub Oak, NY 10588
(914) 455-2158 Office
(914) 455-2159 Fax
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