President's Message

Presidents Message: March 2015

Hello All,

Last night was another good meeting with a lot of info. It got hectic at times due to some people being very passionate about some of the content being discussed. SWIS had two inspectors at the meeting with Freddy doing an hour of code. He created a small pop quiz that was handed out at the beginning of the meeting. He then went thru the answers and code sections to the questions. Several of us stayed after the meeting to go over some of the details from his code presentation because we where so interested in what he had to say. Joe Villani was also a great resource for code information thru out the meeting. He also spoke to the group about the new requirement for self testing GFCI’s. He had a hand out from Legrand that everyone got with the specs on the new GFCI’s that test themselves every three seconds. He also informed us that this will be required before we know it. Mark Cowen (Greybar) and Michael Kessman (Cooper) where also in attendance with product and pricing info. We also had Jean Noel who is Putnam County’s head of trades licensing as well as many other titles. She gave us insight regarding the following questions:

1. Masters License test. How is the county involved and what is there options regarding the security and integrity of the test. Putnam’s responsibility lies where in regards to the test and it administration?

2. Are the fines to homeowners for hiring unlicensed contractors. Please explain why or why not?

3. Why does it take two days to process an application?

4. Journeyman’s license. To renew you must be under a contractors license. If I leave the county for a year what happens to my license if I want to come back one or several years later? If a contractor gets a large job where can they get the extra journeyman in a timely fashion to man the job.

5. How can we get the attention of new licensees directed towards the PCECA?

6. A contractor was told by the Putnam Valley building inspector that Putnam Valley would be moving away from operating inside the county as we are used to now. They claim that they would handle things like filing and inspections privately. Can you comment on that?

The free WCLECA/PCECA RAB seminar is next week on the 18th at 5pm to 9:30 at RAB’s manufacturing facility 170 Ludlow ave Northvale NJ for all who have signed up.

The next regular meeting will be at 4 Brothers in Mahopac on 4-14-15 at 5:30 for board members and 7 sharp for the start of the meeting. We will be having another code discussion by Freddy from SWIS.

If you have not been to a Putnam meeting lately you are definitely missing a lot! We are looking forward to seeing some old and new faces at the next meeting, the more in attendance the more we all can learn!

Please call or reply with any questions.

Thank you,

Joe Spirelli
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