President's Message

President’s Message: June 2015

Hello All,

I would like to thank everyone for a great term. I took over as president over two seasons ago with a goal to make the meetings better and boost attendance. The attendance raised a little and I feel that that is due to the fact that most people don’t realize how great the meetings have been.

The meetings have been good due to a few different reasons. We have been concentrating on code as well as new products and ideas. Pat Spirelli Jr. has done an unbelievable job with his Tech Talks. He uses his vast knowledge of new tech and tries to convey it to the audience as best he can. The inspectors that gave presentations did a wonderful job and the vendors that are at every meeting are invaluable. We have seen some new faces to the meeting and it seems that when someone new attends they get a lot out of the meeting and return. We have also gotten a great deal of participation from some of the newer members. That helps spark conversation and gets people thinking and learning outside of the box.

I would like to once again thank everyone mentioned above as well as all the members and guests.

Have a great summer!

Please call or reply with any questions.

Thank you,

Joe Spirelli
Spirelli Electric, Inc.
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Shrub Oak, NY 10588
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